Ferrainolo Law Group, PA


Where excellence meets commitment

We are a team of highly-skilled, experienced attorneys committed to defending businesses, corporations, and individuals against lawsuits with the potential to cause severe damage to their credibility and ability to operate. Our lawyers have decades of experience combined.

Our Values

Our practice is driven by a set of core values that govern everything from our client interactions to how we conduct our trials.


We perform our duty to our clients diligently and with integrity and believe the best relationships are built on transparency and trust.We are clear about the position of the case and the options our clients may have from the very beginning so they can make informed decisions.


Our client-centric approach ensures that we prioritize clients’ needs above our own. We don’t go for solutions that would be least-resource intensive for us but instead commit ourselves to find solutions to best serve our clients.


For us, our clients are more than just a revenue stream. We truly strive to partner with our clients to reach resolutions. We commit ourselves to defending them so they canget back to business.