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Ferrainolo Law Group attorneys cover a wide variety of practice areas.

Medical Malpractice Litigation

Our attorneys have extensive experience in successfully dealing with hundreds of medical negligence cases against institutions and professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.), from insurance issues and contracts to distilling complex medical information for court.

Birth Trauma Defense

The complexity and delicacy of birth trauma defense cases require maintaining a strong understanding of the medicine involved, the challenges the doctors and nurses face in birth trauma cases, all while empathizing with the plaintiffs. Our attorneys work hard to navigate these complex cases.

Long-Term Care Litigation

While being essential to society, long-term care facilities and associated professionals are legally vulnerable to negligence and mishandling claims that can tarnish their reputation beyond repair if not adequately defended.

Correctional Healthcare

Correctional healthcare litigation defense is where medical malpractice and civil rights issues intersect. Federal and state correctional law and inmate rights issues make these litigations abnormally complex and something that our seasoned attorneys with the knowledge can properly handle.

Chiropractic Litigation

Chiropractic litigations differ from traditional medical malpractice lawsuits due to the underlying nature of the therapy. Translating the medical nuances of this relatively “niche” therapeutic practice for the court can be key to a successful defense.

Behavioral Health Litigation

Behavioral health litigations tend to have an individuality unprecedented in other medical malpractice cases. Each case is unique, so experience and knowledge alone are not enough. The ability to empathize and understand helps our attorneys stand out, even in more complex mental health cases that overlap with criminal defense.

Dental & Oral Surgery Litigation

Our attorneys have experience in defending dental and oral surgeries, which carry an unusually high risk of lawsuits due to frequency and surgical complications.

Catastrophic Injury Litigation

The long-lasting impact of catastrophic injuries and life-changing consequences for the plaintiff makes catastrophic injury payouts massive and regulatory actions strict. We strive to minimize our clients’ exposure and balance responsibility more effectively.

42 U.S.C. 1983

A broad spectrum of government officials, departments, and law enforcement agencies are sued under 42 USC 1983. And in many such lawsuits, properly handling the case is just as important as winning it, something our trial defense attorneys are excel at.

Civil Rights Litigation

Many businesses are just as exposed to civil rights litigations as government institutions, and a successful defense requires not just a thorough understanding of precedence, but a deep understanding of evolving civil rights landscape, which Ferrainolo Law Group possesses.

Premises Liability Litigation

Property owners, especially businesses owners, are quite exposed to premises liability lawsuits. Florida property owners and businesses can count on us to defend them in these litigations.

Car Accident Litigation

Car accidents can be life-changing experiences for those involved. At Ferrainolo Law Group, PA., we defend car accident cases.

Baker Act Litigation

From family members and medical health professionals to law enforcement professionals, many different individuals/institutions can enforce involuntary institutionalization. Even when undertaken in good conscience, enforcement of the Baker act is often rife with legal complications, which is something our attorneys are experienced at untangling.

Florida Board of Medicine Litigation

Even an unfounded complaint through the Florida board of medicine can put a physician’s practice and, more importantly, their reputation and credibility at risk. Therefore, our attorneys prepare a defense to prevent physicians and institutions from all direct and tangential consequences.

Florida Board of Nursing Litigation

Nurses have much more contact with patients than physicians or other medical staff, and more contact results in more potential mistakes. We defend the career and reputation of nurses and facilities against a variety of negligence claims.

Florida board of Pharmacy Litigation

A pharmacist’s simple mistake of mixing up medications can have deadly consequences for people, so even small mistakes can result in suspensions and probations, paving the way for permanent revocation. Our attorneys have experience in defending pharmacists, when the Florida Board of Pharmacy intervenes.

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We prioritize a client-centric approach

At Ferrainolo Law Group, PA, we prioritize a client-centric approach. We partner closely with our clients to thoroughly grasp their specific needs and objectives in litigation. Our primary goal is to find a resolution that fully meets those needs. While we always aim to resolve cases without going to trial, we're fully prepared to vigorously represent our clients if a trial becomes necessary. We firmly believe in customizing our legal strategies to suit the unique demands of each case, rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach. Our dedicated teams of attorneys and support staff are a valuable resource for our clients, and we are wholeheartedly committed to delivering strong and reliable legal assistance to those facing lawsuits in Florida.

Healthcare Professionals

Defending doctors, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners in medical malpractice and professional licensing cases.

Licensed Professionals

Defending licensed individuals, such as doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, in cases before the relevant licensing boards.


Providing legal support to hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities facing litigation and regulatory issues.

Businesses and Corporations

Offering legal representation to companies in commercial litigation and legal disputes.

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